Carnival eyes face painting
GP Smart Guide Cover - make-up by Shannon Fennell
Shannon Fennell, Make-Up Artist
I've been a professional make-up artist for over
twenty years.  I graduated with honours from the
Blanche Macdonald Institute's (now known as the
Blanche Macdonald Centre for Applied Design)
Make-Up Artistry program in Vancouver, BC, and
I've also trained in Hollywood and Europe.

My credits include film, television, theatre, editorial
and fashion work, as well as face and body
painting.  I have been the lead make-up artist for
over 100 theatrical productions - from one person
plays to large productions such as Les
Miserables.  I was the Make-Up & Hair Coordinator
for Grande Prairie Live Theatre.

Historical and period make-up and hair/wig styling
is a specialty and something I enjoy researching
to be as accurate as possible.

I have done a multitude of weddings and
graduation make-ups, as well as boudoir
photography sessions and fashion shows.

I have worked with many photographers, bringing
their visions to life to everyone's satisfaction.  I
have done make-up for actors' head shots to
recreating scenes from movies to glamour
calendar shoots.
Skeleton Pirate face and body painting
About Me
Shannon Fennell, Make-Up Artist photography by MAJ Photography
I am well known for my Special Effects make-up work from doing full zombie make-ups for
Halloween and film/photography projects to custom prosthetics and body casting to make props
for theatrical use. My first exposure to "proper" make-up was as a member of a Star Trek fan club
that had several self-taught experts who showed the rest of us what to do.  They were so good that
club members were hired to be at the opening of new Star Trek movie theatrical releases.  This
whet my appetite to learn even more which led to me seeking out formal training.

Since 2001 I have become world renowned as a face and body painter.  I have won well over 70
awards - 2005 International Face Painter of the Year (UK Face & Body Painting Convention); Best
Painter in North America 2005 (Snazaroo USA Best of the Best); 2006 Winner of the Fantasy
Worldwide Face Painting Contest in Putte, Belgium; 2007 US Body Painting Festival, Second
Place Sponge & Brush in Albuquerque, NM; Best Costume 2007 UK Face & Body Painting
Convention; and many others.

I am certified as a Level II, Advanced Face Painter by FACE, The International Face Painting
Photo by MAJ Photography 2013
In 2007 I was contracted by Snazaroo USA Inc. to produce a book
for beginner face painters.  "Your Face or Mine: A Step-By-Step
Guide to Basic Face Painting Techniques" was published in
November of 2007 and is widely available from face paint
retailers around the world.  I painted, photographed, wrote and
did the layout of the book before sending it off to the publisher so I
am very proud of it.

I am a regular contributor to industry publications - both in print
and online.

I have also produced resources and an e-book 'The Business of
Face Painting," that are available for face and body painters.  
These materials concentrate on the business side of things -
providing articles, templates, forms, marketing ideas, etc. for
individuals wanting to start a face painting business.  

More information about my products is available under the
Services tab.
Full face latex burn make-up
Halloween bats body painting
Butterfly Face Painting
Bridal Make-up
Whether you're a Beauty or a Beast - Everyone's a Work of Art!

I am a member of:

FACE, The International
Face Painting Association.
Member #235

CAFABA, Canadian
Association of Face and
Body Artists

Face & Body Painting
Klingon Make-Up
Canada Flag Face Painting
2013 Customer provided photo, M. Schroeder
Comic-con man face and body painting
Body painting to match clothing
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2014 Prairie Ranger Photography
With Dan Aykroyd at The Amber Ball for the Philip J.
Currie Dinosaur Museum.  I'm on the right with my
body painted velociraptor and pachyrhinosaurus head
I built for the event.  Models Candi and Kim posed for
photos all evening.  August 9, 2014
Shannon Fennell, Make-Up Artist
Photo by MAJ Photography 2017