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Services Available
I am a full service Make-Up Artist able to provide services to individuals, parties, theatre, film
projects, photography, special events and other venues or situations.

The list below is not exhaustive, but gives an idea of what I can do.  If you are considering
something not listed please contact me and we can discuss how I can meet your needs.
Make-Up for weddings, special events, photography, film, television, fashion
and editorial.

Face Painting for birthday parties, festivals, company picnics, sporting events,
store openings, customer appreciation events, galas and corporate Christmas
parties.  Public and private events. For ALL ages.

Temporary Tattoos in alcohol based inks for fun or to test out a design before
having a permanent one done.  Freehand designs to your specifications.  Can
also provide tattoo cover-up of your real artwork.

Body Painting for promotions, trade shows, art shows, advertising,
photography, stage productions, meet & greets, pre-natal belly painting and

Special Effects Make-Up for film, Halloween, zombie walks, photography
projects and prop construction.

Theatrical Make-Up for stage and other performances.

Costume & Prop Design for stage, masquerades, Halloween, conventions
and themed events.

Instruction and Workshops for all ages in any area of make-up application
from face painting to theatrical and special effects.
Glamour make-up red
General Booking Information

A non-refundable booking fee is required for certain services, out-of-town bookings, events
held at third party venues and/or to book dates during peak season.  If an event is cancelled
or rescheduled the booking fee may be applied to an alternate date, based on my
availability, within the calendar year.

Please book as far in advance as possible to ensure your dates are reserved.  Tentative
bookings will be held for a week pending return of signed agreements and required fees.
Should agreements and deposits not be returned the dates will be released to other
bookings.  Due to scheduling, short notice bookings (i.e. less than two weeks) cannot
generally be accepted.

Notice of cancellation is required at least 72 hours prior to booking or you will be invoiced for
the full amount.

Payment in full is required on the day of the event or service, unless prior arrangements
have been made and confirmed in writing. Payment in full in advance is welcome if more

Cash payment or confirmed email transfer is required from individuals; cheques accepted
from companies and organizations. Payment of booking fees or pre-payment in full can be
accepted via email/electronic banking, cash or cheque.

I highly recommend for Wedding bookings that a Pre-Test appointment be made prior to the
wedding date to ensure that the bride is comfortable with her look.  Please contact me to
discuss well in advance.

I am unable to provide services on a voluntary basis, however special rates or discounts
may be available for charitable fund raising events, please contact me to inquire.  Groups
are required to be registered charities or incorporated non-profit organizations under the
Societies Act to qualify for a discount.

I work on an hourly basis, with a two-hour minimum booking, for Face Painting and
Temporary Tattoo services (excluding my Birthday Party Package).  Straight Make-Up
services are per person or hourly, with a set minimum charge.  Body Painting, Special
Effects and other services will be quoted based on the specifics of the services required.  
Please contact me to obtain a customized quote and current rates.

When scheduling face painting please note that approximately 12-15 full face designs can
completed per hour per artist (4-7 minutes per face depending upon detail required.)

The option of "Fast Faces" of 15-20 face paintings per hour is also available (4 minutes or
less per face) for high volume events.  Please request this option at the time of booking as
the specific display and design board will be required.  Please note that this rate of painting
is for myself (Shannon) only, additional painters may be slower.

For Face Painting events the artist(s) will arrive in event/season appropriate clothing.  If
possible, with their faces painted to suit their outfit, the season or the theme of the event.  
For other services, dress will be appropriate to the occasion.  If there are dress
requirements please state them at time of booking.

A special Birthday Party Package for children's parties can be requested at the time of
booking.  This party package includes Face Painting and/or Temporary Tattoos and is
limited to 15 children.  If you are planning a larger party my regular hourly rate will be
applicable with a two-hour minimum booking.

If your event or function  has a theme this can be incorporated into the face painting design
selection with advance notice.  For an additional fee the artist(s) may be able to dress-up to
fit into your theme.  Please inquire prior to booking as to available characters and costumes.

Mileage charges are applicable outside a predetermined area (Pickering, Ajax, Whitby) and
will be advised prior to confirmation of booking. SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.

I carry public liability insurance (certificates can be provided, if requested in advance, for
specific named events.)

I follow a strict practice of hygiene and sanitation.  Only recognized and safe professional
make-up, cosmetic products and face paints (which are water based and activated make-
up) are used.

Children under three years of age cannot be face painted due to manufacturers' product use
stipulations and liability issues. Please review my Disclaimer and Safety Information (these
are also posted at all jobs for everyone to read.)

Please read my sign regarding Line Control at public Face Painting events.

I am a member of FACE, The International Face Painting Association; CAFABA, Canadian
Association of Face and Body Artists; and the Face Painting & Body Art Association. I am
Accredited as an ADVANCED (LEVEL 2) FACE PAINTER by FACE, The International Face
Painting Association.

IMPORTANT: Adequate space and shelter must be provided.  Typically a standard
rectangular folding table and two chairs of the same height are the minimum required for an
indoor booking for one artist.   If working outside shelter from sun, wind and/or rain must be
provided as well.  Parking access is also required convenient to the work location. The artist
(s) have the final say on whether the conditions are suitable to work in on arrival and will not
start work until satisfied that conditions are suitable.

For small groups or bookings of short duration, such as Birthday Parties, I can be flexible on
set-up as long as there is a table/work surface and two seats of equal height.

I can bring my own table and chairs (for an additional fee) should none be available at the
location, for example: at a park, but please advise at time of booking.

Safety and comfort are mandatory on all jobs and the artist(s) will not work if conditions
pose a hazard to their health or safety - this includes but is not limited to: exposure to
weather and sudden extreme weather events; hazards such as flying debris, exhaust,
fumes, smoke or other irritants; threatening or rowdy individuals or customers; excessive
alcohol use and drunken behaviour; illegal activity and/or use of illegal substances; verbal
abuse from customers or staff; sudden illness or injury to the artist.  The artist alone will
make the decision on whether they feel their health or safety are at risk and will shut down if
they feel there is any risk whatsoever.
My Services
Queen Nefertiti latex body painting
Jungle Book character make-up
Pink kitty face painting
Mummy special effects make-up
Whether you're a Beauty or a Beast - Everyone's a Work of Art!
Retail Products

I have a variety of retail products that I've developed that are available to purchase.  
Contact me to get ordering details.
Shannon Fennell's Designs and Templates
Designs & Templates Volumes 1 and 2:  I have compiled onto two
CDs a collection of templates, forms, letters, contracts, a
spreadsheet to calculate your cost per face, marketing ideas and
information as well as step-by-step designs for face painters.  All
document files on the CDs are ready to personalize and use.  The
CDs are available separately.
Shannon Fennell's The Business of Face Painting
The Business of Face Painting: A Business Guide for Face Painters:  This
e-book is a guide for those who want to set-up a face painting business.  
Based on my years of industry experience as a professional make-up artist
and face painter, and my background in business and marketing, I have
compiled the information essential to properly set-up, operate and market
your business. It contains 131 pages of information, forms, templates and
Laminated Design Sheets:  These laminated sheets each
contain 16 full-colour photographs of designs I have
painted and use on the job in my displays.  I don't claim all
to be my original ideas but I like to think I put my own spin
on them.   You can display while you work and/or use for
reference.  Sheets for Christmas, Spring, Butterflies &
Swirls, Summer, Boy Designs, Arm Art, Eyes, 2-Minute
Designs, Speed Designs and Halloween.  More are
Knight costume on horseback
Talking dino face painting
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Services Available

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Retail Products
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